Running On Empty


The other day my friend sent me a picture of her gas gauge with bars showing she had no miles left until empty. We laughed and talked about knowing better.   This morning the gentle dinging sound as I started my car reminded me that I needed gas. I should have stopped last night but it was rainy and I was tired. I looked at my gauge and the needle was teetering close to the little line that says, “you will be sorry if you don’t fill this car up NOW.” Yes, I have run out of gas before and it is not a pleasant experience. Once again, I was running on empty.

I tend to do the same thing in other areas of life.  I stay up too late when I have to get up early.  I don’t eat healthy, nutritious food.  I don’t exercise enough…or I just don’t exercise. I don’t play and have fun.  I isolate and don’t talk about things that concern me.  I spend too much time being negative and worrying.   I don’t take  to journal or write.  I forget about quiet time to meditate and pray.  Eventually my light comes on and I see the signs very clearly.  I am running on empty.

It is time to fill up my tank.  The car is an easy fix.  I just pull into the gas station and fill it up.  Of course, with gas prices these days, it isn’t as easy as it used to be.  Filling up my personal tank can be a challenge, too.  I am working part time and going to college almost full time.  Writing papers, studying, and preparing for class all take a lot of time.  I have to pay bills and do time consuming things like laundry and cleaning.  There are also all the day to day activities that get in the way.

I am exactly like my car.  I have to fill my tank.  I can wait until I am almost on empty and push to see how much  farther  I can go before I breakdown  on the side of the road or I can do the smart thing and refill at any time along the way.   I imagine I am still going to push it from time to time, but I am going to try to do better.  I still have a roadside assistance plan for my car…. just in case.



7 responses

  1. Lovely post,I could really relate to it. I find the emptying happens automatically on a daily basis, the refilling however requires effort and planning. I try to think of a way to top myself up each day, it so much harder to refill myself when I am on empty.


    1. You are right. Emptying does seem to be more automatic and refilling requires some choices. Thanks for commenting.


  2. Oh Cathy, How in sync we are! Thank you for this post. It confirms what I know I need to do for myself these days. And I’m happy that I’m realizing it before I’m officially EMPTY!


    1. Thanks Donloyn. Maybe we are pushing too much because it is spring and everyone expects more. Whatever the reason..I’m glad we both are getting filled a bit before we run out all together!


  3. Hi Cathy,
    I totally understand. I find things are much easier when I take them in small bites. So start where ever you can start that’s going to give you some pleasure and satisfaction for yourself, not like you have to do it or suppose to do it. So find something that both fills your emotional tank and also gets the things you need to get done accomplished. Laundry and house cleaning can wait a lot of the time or you can do just a small piece of it. Good Luck! 😉


    1. You are right. Small steps instead of giant leaps. Thanks for the comment.


  4. So true, Cathy. Thanks for the reminder.


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