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I Still Want a Donut!


Last week I embarked on what seemed to be a rather innocuous journey, and I shared a post here about it. The challenge was to post a picture every day for 100 days of something that made you happy. I started well, but floundered around day four. In the eleven days since I accepted the challenge, I have posted only seven pictures, and truth is one of them was an old picture.

I tried to take pictures of things that made me happy, but soon came to the realization that not too many things really make me happy. Well, I meant to say things I could photograph, that is. Don’t misunderstand me; I have many things in life that make me happy, but I just couldn’t find a way to make it work in this challenge.

Of course, things like the beach, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, the color of fall leaves or spring flowers, spotting a deer in the woods, and more all bring happiness into my life. However, it is a bit of a drive to the beach or the woods, and I am often not in a place to photograph those other things on a daily basis.

Yet, what really makes me happy is sharing that experience with people in my life. I don’t have to physically share the experience, but I find such joy in sharing the story with a friend or family member. Even better is when the person with whom I choose to share the experience gets as much joy or excitement from it as I did.

I grew up as an only child in a home where talking, touching, and sharing life experiences were non-existent. I had very few friends and often felt alone. As an adult, I have come to cherish the people in my life. I sometimes share my experiences with the exuberance of a young child, bursting with excitement to tell my story. I imagine that I can be a bit overwhelming to those who know me best. However, they usually smile and say something encouraging.

I have decided that I am not going to continue with #100happydays challenge, but I am going to continue to look for things every day that bring happiness into my life. If something captures my attention, and I can take a picture, I will still share it on Instagram. Keep watching! The next picture you see may just be of a donut!


Lost and Found

Moving seems to turn up things that have stored away or misplaced.  In my move last week, I found a roll of undeveloped film.  I don’t even remember the last time I owned a camera that used film.  None the less, I am excited to see what pictures it might contain.  Of course, I run the risk of finding pictures of someone or some event I would rather forget.  After all, I did put the film away without developing it.

The challenge is finding a store to develop the film.  I have called two and both will have it processed if I let them send it away to some remote place in Ohio and wait two weeks.   I know I have waited a long time to see the pictures, but I am not eager to send my film away to a Midwest picture processing plant.   I will continue my search for local developer.

Once the film is developed, I am sure I will have material for a new blog post.  Until then, what do you think might be on the film?  Any guesses?

This blog post is part of NaBloPoMo. The theme for November’s NaBloPoMo is blogging for blogging’s sake.

Scavenger Hunt Challenge–Something Different

I have to admit, I stole this blog idea from my friend, Jan.  One day when she is ready to share her blog with the world, I will link you to her.   🙂   The idea is to take 5 new pictures interpreting the prompts.  There are new ones each week. The rules are easy and the hunt is fun. Click over to Ramblings and Photos to find out how to join in.   Here is my attempt at this new challenge.


This is the bottom of my new Sketchers sandals.   They are the “Tone Up” sandal and as it says you get a work out while you walk.  I spend a lot of time at the gym or doing other types of exercise.  I  have had some foot and knee problems, so I always look for shoes that give me some support.  I also love Sketchers.  I first discovered them when my friend Sonia was wearing them.  She got them in England when she went back to her home to visit family.   I own Sketchers sandals, tennis shoes, casual shoes and dress shoes (called Something Else by Sketchers).

2.   Capturing Movement

I have to admit this was not taken this week.  I took it a couple of weeks ago when I was at a retreat in Montreat, NC.  The water was flowing from the rock above and continued to flow along the small creek.   It was such a small stream but the sound of the flowing water was magnified by the trees and woods in this mountain area.  It reminded me that while the water was gentle and calm, it also is capable of such tremendous power once it starts to flow.  I know I am capable of that same power if I am willing to let it flow.


This is my favorite blanket.  It isn’t really a blanket but a Snuggie (a blanket with sleeves). It is made of the softest fleece I have ever felt.  It keeps me warm and comfortable when I get cold.  I love the way it feels against my skin.  And yes, it is mine and it has my friend Sponge Bob’s picture all over it.

4. Currently

This is my desk at home.  I spend a lot of time here.  You can see my Sonic cup on left.  I get a Sonic tea (unsweet to save calories) every day.    I have been spending more and more time here since I have been doing Blogathon and writing more in general.  This is a piece of my life I love most.  The small stuffed bear is the one my friend  gave me twenty five years ago on my first anniversary of getting sober.  I keep him there to remind me that she is still here in my heart even thought she gone.  The top of the desk is covered with my variety assortment of Tinkerbell’s.  People continue to give me Tinkerbell gifts and I am afraid I will run out of room for her.


I wasn’t sure what I could take a picture of  for this one.  When I pulled up to my church this morning,  I knew this was the picture I would share.  I shared my church story in a blog recently.  I left the church many years ago.  I knew I wanted to go back but fear kept me away.  I was afraid that like before, I wouldn’t fit in,  I wouldn’t be accepted, I would feel unworthy, or that I would become “that person again” who hated herself because she just didn’t measure up.  This is the church where I made my comeback.  I have been taking baby steps in becoming a part of the church.  But my steps are getting bigger and stronger all the time.  The fear isn’t totally gone, but it isn’t nearly as powerful as  it was.   I have found a place where I can worship, learn, and grow.   I feel at home here and that is an amazing gift.   I also received another unexpected gift in finding an amazing new friendship with my pastor and her daughter.  The more I know them and spend time with them, the more I love them.   I believe God may have had a hand in directing me to this place.   Fear isn’t nearly as scary  as it seems when I face it.

Hope you enjoyed the Sunday Scavenger Hunt.  Thanks for coming along.

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