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Defying the Odds -Diary of My Body Post

Here is the link to my post on Diary of My Body:


I love to read other blogs, especially blogs that inspire me.  I can across Diary of My Body site a short time ago.  It is a writing collective that provides a platform for women to connect, share, and exchange stories about life, love, and the struggles and challenges of living in our body.  The site says the goal is to create a book of prose by women, for women, about the many battles, blessings, lessons, triumphs, and failures of loving our body in a society with such ridged standards of beauty.

I read more about the mission and then continued to read some of the stories women shared on the site.   The stories were funny, courageous, sometimes sad, but always real.  When I read a post “What is Diary of My Body-A Mission Statement”, I knew I wanted to be a part of this.

I wrote my story and submitted it to the site and yesterday they posted my story.  I wanted to share this site and my story with you here today. I would encourage everyone to take a moment and check out the site. If you are a woman writer, you might consider submitting your own story.  Just click on the “Our Mission” link at the top for instructions.

read to be read at yeahwrite.me

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