Losing It Series -Turning 65


If you have read any of my Losing It Series posts, you know that weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle have been a challenge for me all of my life.  in 2008 after the death of my best friend from a massive heart attack following gastric bypass surgery, I decided to change my lifestyle. My mother died a few months later because she refused to make the lifestyle changes similar to ones I needed to make.  I weighed in at 300 lbs. I wanted to get healthy, lose weight, and get stronger.   It is now 2016.  I have not reached my ultimate goal, but I keep working towards it.

I can give you all of the reasons why it has taken this long.  Knee injury with weeks of boots and physical therapy followed by surgery, Achilles tendon surgery (more boots and physical therapy, a car accident that re-injured my knee and neck, hand surgery, foot surgery,  2 hospital visits for pneumonia,and so on.  Each time I had periods where I was unable to exercise and eating became my coping tool.  Each time I would gain back 15-25 pounds only to have to lose them again.

I managed to get to 199 lbs before the last two set backs.  My goal was never to see 200 again.  I managed to get back up to 239 before I made the decision to once again set my goals and work hard to reach them.   My doctor made a huge light bulb go off when he told me that I could still eat healthy and lose weight even if I couldn’t work out on a regular basis.  I realized I had been using that as another excuse.   However, getting strong and working out are what he prescribes for my arthritis and overall health issues.

This time I took a more drastic, costly choice.  I not only joined the gym, but I signed up with a personal trainer.  We had a long talk before I made the decision to do training. I liked his personal life experience and his education.  I have been working with him for the past few months, and it is working.

He not only teaches me proper forms for working out and creates workout plans, but he goes deeper.  His clients keep a workout log, a food log, and a thought log.  We talk about lifestyle changes and attitudes while we are training.  His training includes your mind and attitude along with the physical.

I am very close to reaching the “onederland” mark again. I turn 65 on August 20.   My goal is to be under 200 lbs and have gained more lean muscle.  My eating has changed drastically.  I have eliminated most refined sugar from my diet and lowered the amount of my carb in take. However, come August 20th, I plan to have a piece of chocolate cake and some ice cream!

I am excited about turning 65.  College classes start back for me the week after my birthday.  I am excited about being able to move more comfortably, to be able to fit into the smaller desks still in some of the classrooms, and to be able to sit down and get up off the floor comfortably. Yes, we sit on the floor in some classes (mainly theater)!

I  look forward to the next phase of my life. I plan on being around a very long time.  I  want to be like the 77 year old body builder or the 92 year old marathon runner.  I have been told grey haired older women at the gym kick butt!  If you see older people at the gym, take a minute to smile and give them a thumbs up.  That might just be you someday!





3 responses

  1. “What a drag it it getting old…” Mick Jagger, 1966. All in fun.


  2. Hi Cathy, Congratulations on all your hard work. What an inspiration. I hate exercising and find all kind of excuses to not do it. I am trying harder to watch what I eat. Thank you for sharing your story!


  3. I’m so impressed with your perseverance. I don’t like to do much besides water exercise and 5 surgeries in 3 years meant a lot of can’t-get-in-the-pool time. I’m trying to get back in a routine, but it’s hard. Thanks for showing me this combination of healthy food, exercise and healthy thinking are possible. You go, girl!


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