“Losing It” – An Update


I started a series called “Losing It” when I first started this blog.  I update it from time to time.  A lot has happened since I last wrote about it so thought this was a good time to share what has been going on.  You can read other posts here and here and here.

One of the last updates to my weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes was to share my excitement in reaching “onederland.”  If you are not familiar with that term, it means having your number on the scale be in the 100″s.   In that post I stated that I never wanted to leave “onederland.”  Sadly, I wasn’t able to do that.  I worked hard in 2012.  I went to the gym a couple of times a week and in January of that year I started taking Karate. I went to class three times a week and earned a blue belt by end of the year.  My knee was stronger (after surgery), I was losing weight, and I felt better than I even had.

Dec. 25, 2012 was a great day.  I had a great holiday season with family and friends, but late on Christmas day I started running a high fever along with headache, muscle aches and fatigue. The next day the doctor confirmed my fear.  I had the flu in spite of having the flu shot every year.  It seems this year the scientists guessed wrong and many people found themselves being ill.  The doctor gave me Tamiflu and in a few days I was feeling better.

Suddenly that changed as I developed bronchitis.  I was diagnosed with COPD a couple of years ago but hadn’t had any problems until this happened.  Antibiotics, steroid shot and oral prednisone were the treatment.  In about 10 days I started to get better but within a couple of weeks, the bronchitis was back and so was all the medicine.  This happened two more times and in May the final round of bronchitis turned to pneumonia and I spent a few days in the hospital.

Since Dec. when I got the flu, I had not been able to work out or exercise.  The steroids took a toll on my ability to sleep and created craving for food, especially carbs.  I wanted to eat all the time.   Needless to say, I gained weight.  I put back on about 18 pounds.  Just a few weeks ago some friends and my daughter encouraged me think about signing up for the Biggest Loser program at a local gym.  It was a very minimal fee to become part of the program and you were able to take 2 fitness classes a week.  There are prizes along the way and a grand prize at the end.  I had my follow up with the doctor and he said I needed to get back to healthy eating and exercise.

I joined and was excited to get back to exercising.  I looked a the schedule of classes and saw names I didn’t understand.  There were classes like Tabata, Bosu Ball,  HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) and more.  I decided to start with a class called Cardio Kick  and thought it would be something like a kick boxing class.  Sounded harmless enough….WRONG.  It started outside and we were told to jog one time around the parking lot (this is in a shopping center so no small lot) and then walk around the lot.  When we returned, each of us was given a task.  My task was to plank on a mat on the sidewalk.  OK, I can handle that; until I discovered I had to hold that while the others did their tasks.   My daughter was in the class and her task was to pull a big mud tire on ropes across the parking lot and back.  Then I got to pull the tire while others planked, did jumping jacks, etc.  We then each went a specific distance apart and were told to do jumping jacks.  The first person in the line carried a sandbag on their shoulders to the next person, who then took it to the next, etc.  This was only the first half of class.  I wasn’t able to complete the whole class.  I had to walk the last 15 to 20 minutes.

Each time I go to class I look for a class that looks easier than the one before.  I tried Butt and Gutt.  I tried Bosu Ball-3D abs.  I tried Lower Limbs.  All were equally as difficult.   I finally tried Upper Limbs.  Surely that would have to be easier than pushing tires, doing walking lunges, and other equally torturous thing.  Again, I was wrong.  One task was to have all of us (about 8) line up on the floor in a plank.  One person lined up opposite us and then had to go down the line in a plank and do patty cake to each person’s hand.  We then rotated until we had all been in the front.  Everyone was sweating, moaning, and shaking by the end.  Another task included a 25 pound weight in one hand while doing side bends.

Yet, I haven’t quit.  The trainers are amazing.  They push but they also adjust for injuries, age, and condition.  They are willing to talk and encourage everyone.  Even if I don’t keep up or can’t do it perfectly, they encourage and cheer you on.  I have been in many exercise programs where I felt out of place and perhaps even unwelcome.  I am getting stronger with every class.  My breathing is better and I am not getting winded nearly as quickly.  I have even lost a few pounds.

I am determined to get back to “onederland” and reach my next big goal.  My eating is back under control and I feel stronger and better every day.  I also hurt like crazy after each class, but it is that good kind of hurt.  I am praying for no more illness and no more injuries.   The Biggest Loser program will be over mid August.  I will update once the program ends and let you know what comes next.   I am ready to “take my power back.”

The program is in Summerville, SC. Here is the website if you want to check it out.  http://www.qikfit365.com/


4 responses

  1. You go, girl!
    (Please be careful)


  2. Well done for not quitting!!


  3. The program sounds intense, but the variety of options definitely sounds appealing. Good luck!


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