Trying to Reason With Hurricane Season (*Jimmy Buffett)

As the first tropical storm of the season approaches our area, I thought it might be fun to repost this blog about Hurricane Season.

Cathy's Voice Now


The National Hurricane Center has officially named the first tropical storm of the season, Alberto, situated 110 miles southeast of Charleston as of 11 pm Saturday night.  Hurricane season doesn’t officially start until June 1.  Alberto must not have read the memo.

Charleston, South Carolina is a city rich in history, tradition, and Southern culture. Nearly 4 million visitors a year consider the Charleston area as their destination of choice, which is no surprise after taking into account its reputation for outstanding hotels, beach rentals, entertainment, and local cuisine.   Charleston has been voted the number 1 friendliest city in the country for several years in a row.  We once were designated the “Most Beautiful People” and another time the “Most Polite People.”

But, let’s not forget that we rate pretty high on the scale in many other areas. The CDC has rated South Carolina as 10th in the…

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5 responses

  1. I have never been coastal and have never dealt with hurricanes. Sadly, I’d have absolutely no idea what to do if one hit!


  2. Hmm, I had to double check the year because here in Florida where I am, and where we’re covered in the TS right now, it’s named Andrea. Stay safe 🙂


  3. Ah, I see now! That was written last year. Ignore me lol


    1. Lol. No problem. 🙂


  4. I’ve been lucky to always have the fun, no work today but no damage experiences with hurricanes. They can definitely be scary though!


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