Summer Story


Summer is beginning and I was thinking back to last year.  June 2012 – I was at the beginning of some difficult changes at my job.  I knew things were going be different, but I had no idea how different.   I was excited about the beginning of summer as I always am.  I was looking forward my brother visiting from Texas.  I was planning a trip to see another brother and a special friend up north.  I was in good physical health.  I had great friends and was building some new friendships.   By the end of summer, I had resigned from my job, started the process of ending my marriage, decided to go to college, and my world was turned upside down.

I haven’t had a full time job since summer ended last year.  I am searching for a part time job and hope to have something in place in the next couple of weeks.  I want to take time this summer to play, relax, and rebuild my health after fighting upper respiratory problems since January.   I will turn 62 in August and begin collecting social security.  I will taking some online summer classes at school. I am beginning to realize that I am getting older and may need to make some life adjustments.  I have a sense that once again  summer will bring change to my life.

I am ready for some summer sun, beach time, walking barefoot, and seeing what my summer story will be like this year.
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3 responses

  1. I love that while you reflect on last year you are not stuck living there. Moving forward is the sign of life. I’m inspired by you


  2. It is an interesting time of life. So many of us are not exactly where we thought we would be in our 60’s. My husband retired unexpectedly last year and we’re trying to find the adventure in the next chapter – one without jobs and a whole lot less money too. Here’s to a summer full of sun, fun and new inspiration.


  3. I am praying that your summer brings health, peace, and exciting new experiences!


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