Let’s Try This Again


Do you know this year is almost half over?  It seems as if I just put away Christmas decorations and changed over to my summer wardrobe.   WordCount 2013  Blogathon starts in two days.  It was changed to June this year.    I am excited and I must confess, a bit anxious.  I started the Ultimate Blog Challenge in April with some great ideas but by mid April I was facing some life challenges that made writing difficult.  Final exams at school put added pressure on my time.  It wasn’t long before I hadn’t written a blog post or worked on any other of my other projects.   Soon, I had bronchitis that turned to pneumonia and spent a few days “vacationing” in the hospital.

I have missed writing. It is such an integral part of how I process and make sense of life.   It is as if I were missing a friend who was away.   I sometimes take the time I spend writing for granted.   It seems mundane and at times, just a bit of a chore.  Did I mention that I was taking an online writing course during all of this ?  One of the things we did in the class was to set some goals and create a schedule for daily writing.  As I recuperate and build back my strength, I am working on setting those goals and finding a daily writing that works in my life.  I hope WordCount will help be get back on track.

How do you stay focused?  Do you have any routines?  What about goals?

See you on Saturday with the first of my WordCount Blogathon Posts.
The WordCount Blogathon

One response

  1. I have no routine and seem to write in spurts. Let us know how your plans work, ok. SO glad you’re feeling better.


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