The Sky is Falling–Again–For Real

Tonight Feb 16

Rain / Snow Showers Early27°Low  Rain / Snow Showers Early    Chance of precip: 40%

Rain and snow tapering off this evening. Clearing overnight. Low 27F. Winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of precip 40%.

I live in the south…the real south.  We have sweet tea, beaches, Palmetto trees, moss on trees, and the finest seafood around.  We are polite (to each other but not always behind your back), we say Y’all  (yes, it is so cute), and we will defend our southern ways to the death.  We are used to dealing with rain, thunderstorms, and even hurricanes.  What we don’t get is snow.  We do not know what to do when the weather channel and local weather stations say that dirty little four letter word.

We have a weather forecast including the word snow tonight.  It will not stick to the ground and there will be no accumulation.  Most people will be peering out of their windows waiting for those first few flakes to appear; if they can see them that is.   As soon as one is cited, the cell towers will be buzzing with the news spreading from one person to the next.   We will question each other to see if it is “sticking.”  We will just pray the roads stay clear.  The truth is those pesky bridges can become dangerous in wet, freezing conditions.  Haven’t you seen the signs?   images

I made a trip to the store to pick up a prescription and it took a long time to find a parking spot.  Once inside I saw people lined up at the deli counter and the bread isles were low on product.  You see, if we lose power from the massive flurries we must have food that doesn’t need electricity to prepare.    Strangers talked with each other about the looming dangers.   I could pick out the “Yankees” among the crowd.  They looked lost and confused.  Had they perhaps missed some weather alert from the app on the phone?   They whispered to each other and laughed.  They know what it means to have snow and this wasn’t it.

I made a quick trip to get what I needed and returned home to snuggle in my Sponge Bob Snuggie and settle in for the night.  I will miss Saturday afternoon and evening with my friends because while the snow doesn’t worry me,  the cold bitter weather is no match for my bronchitis ridden lungs right now.

I have lived in West Va, Maryland, and Reno, NV.  I know snow.  I have been in blizzards, shoveled more snow that I ever care to again, used lighters to heat car keys to unlock the door, scraped ice and snow off windshields, helped my daughter find her car in a huge snow drift, and put tire chains on my car.   I understand that no matter how wonderful your four-wheel drive SUV is, it is no match for ice on the road.    I am a southerner who isn’t afraid of the white stuff falling from the sky.

I have to admit that I do miss snow.  I miss making snowballs and snow angels.  I miss dressing up in 5 layers to go outside and play.  I miss sliding down hills on inner tubes.  I miss the beauty of the freshly fallen snow that leaves a blanket of white on the ground.  I miss it just enough to want it to snow on a Friday afternoon and linger throughout Saturday and then go away.   I don’t know if I will see any flurries, but  I will be one of the many who will be watching out my window to see if the sky does indeed fall tonight.

9 responses

  1. I live in Charlotte and the ground is covered…19 degrees tonight. I moved from up North to get away from this! 🙂 Where is summer?


    1. If you find summer please share it with me. I need my sand and salt water!


  2. Oh, the weather outside is frightful, the fire inside delightful…
    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow


    1. Have you stared playing with fire again? Neither of us have a fireplace. Lol


  3. No snow angels while you have bronchitis Cathy!!


    1. No snow angels? Dang bronchitis!! LOL We did get a few flurries but not nearly enough to make a snow angel or even a wing. Thanks


  4. Hi Cathy! When I was little, we moved from Minnesota to Tennessee and then to New York! The difference in how the flurries are handled between the north and south is night and day! 🙂 stay warm and hoping your bronchitis clears up soon!


    1. I was in Minnesota once and there is no way to describe to anyone how cold it is there. Every place seems to have their own ideas of what effective snow removal is and none of them are great. Scrap away the snow and leave a sheet of ice doesn’t seem productive even when they dump some sand, dirt, or salt on it. We got a few flurries but not enough to brag about. Thanks


  5. LOVE this! I, too, have lived up north (cold! snow!) and in NC. Snow in NC is a lot more fun!


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