Life As I Know It


Yes, I am attempting the Ultimate Blog challenge again. I am already a couple of days behind because of the nasty flu virus that inhabited my body on Christmas day. It took an arsenal of drugs to push it out of my body, but it left me with broncopneumonia. I have another batch of drugs to fight this battle.

Some may question my resolve in attempting the challenge when I will begin college classes tomorrow. I haven’t been in a college class in over 40 years. My friend Anna, who is a junior at the same school has been very supportive and encouraging. However, as she prepared to return to campus these past few days,  her support has taken a different tone. “Your life as you know it is over” she told me last night. “Just wait and see,” she said with a perverted gleam in her eye.

Tomorrow morning I will walk into a classroom with no idea what I am doing.  I will still be battling this demon cough.  I will still have other responsibilities to handle.  I will still spend time with friends and family.  I may have to ask my 15 year old grandson for homework help. I will still be doing this blog challenge.  I will still be 61 years old.

Just in case I find myself taking this all too seriously, I only need t0 look at the door to my room.  There is a beautiful handmade sign hanging there. Anna’s younger sister made it for me from deep blue (my favorite color) construction paper.  It says: “College of Charleston Girl.  Love you, Cathy.”

My friend is right.  My life as I know it is over.  Maybe that is going to be a good thing.  I believe I am creating the life I have always dreamed of living.  I don’t really know, but do we ever know what tomorrow holds?    I may fail miserably or I might just be the best senior citizen student the college has ever seen.   Either way, I am ready to find out.



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  1. I’m excited for you!
    (I have that godawful cough, too. Sucks.)


  2. When the Soul call’s, you gots to go Love. I love to embark on things without any real grand plan, just to shake the cosmic change out of my pockets and go for a whirl!


  3. your 61 OMG love ya


  4. Some of my favorite study buddies in college were students like you – going back to fulfill a dream. BEST study buddies ever! Just remember, the “kids” may have more energy and stamina, but you have a perspective and wisdom from life experience that will balance the scale. You’ll do great!


    1. I may be recruiting you to be one of my study buddies. LOL Thanks for encouraging me and not letting me back out!


  5. but this is AWESOME!! i think it’s great that you’re going back to school. and plus, maybe life as you know it is over- but that doesn’t mean the new normal won’t be better! i think it’s easy to fear change, while ruling out the possibility that we’re actually improving ourselves and our lives.


    1. Thanks Rachel. I am very excited to see my new normal.


      1. new normals are great things!


  6. I admire your courage. Good luck. I imagine your grandson is getting as much out of his help as you are.


  7. | Reply

    My dear sister Cathy…. may I remind you that you already have a Masters of Divinity….who wrote Ted’s papers at SEBTS? You did. Who should have her name of his diploma? You should! Please,,,,,, you are smart as a whip; know all things computer and have been a crisis counselor for years! Yes, the setting may seem strange at first—but know this —–YOU DO HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE COLLEGE STUDENT AND GRADUATE! You can probably run rings around most of the students at your college and just by your life experiences you could CLEP out of many of your 1st year college courses and probably many more after that! You go for it! Love and blessings, Ann “Rotate Your Stomach”Vincent Atkins


    1. Thanks Ann. You make me smile. I have only met one other person that could make me work as hard at “rotating my stomach” as you could and she is a 7th degree black belt in karate. 🙂 I am going to look into CLEP. Love you !


  8. Reblogged this on Cathy's Voice Now and commented:

    At the end of this semester, I will be junior. I have done far more and far better than I ever imagined. I looked back at this blog post today. This sign still hangs on my door. Thanks, Mia.


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