Rock Of Ages

I took my 15 year old grandson to see the movie Rock of Ages a few months ago.  The movie was rated PG13 and it was obvious  there would be some questionable elements in this movie.  However, I knew my grandson would love this movie.  He plays keyboard, piano, and guitar.  He loves music and this was a chance to share some of the music from my generation with him.   I am sure the movie was barely able to pass the PG 13 rating but there was a good story behind the movie and the music  was great.

I promised to take him to see the Broadway production when it came to our town.  Friday night I fulfilled that promise.  The musical like the movie contained suggestive scenes and an abundance of four letter words.  We knew that going into it, but again the experience of the play and the music was fun and entertaining.

This is the disclaimer that is listed on the website and in all advertisements about the play.

Advisory  Rock of Ages is a full-out, blast-off, hold-onto-your-hairspray celebration of the great rock music of the 80s, and you might be wondering – or, admit it, hoping – your kids will love it as much as you will. Well, we think they will, but you should know that some of the costumes, dancing and language might not be appropriate for kids under the age of 13. We think teenagers will dig it, because it’s totally awesome, sort of like a music video brought to life, complete with hot dancers and blazing guitar licks. You know the maturity of your children, so we suggest you use your best judgment about whether or not the show is appropriate for them. Remember, if you do bring them, they’ll get to see you rockin’ like you did back in the day. Just so you know.

As we sat down in the theater we noticed a couple coming in with their daughter.  She appeared to be about 10 years old.  I was surprised to see a child that age there.  Another couple sat down in front of us. The woman turned around and began telling us her view of music today.  She felt today’s music was “verbal pornography.”  I wondered why she was at this particular musical considering the subject matter.

Within 15 minutes of the play starting, the couple with the young girl got up and left.  At intermission, the couple left as well.  I wonder is they looked at the material about the show before buying tickets.   I feel sure some people may question my decision to take my 15 year old grandson. He goes to public high school and nothing that night was a surprise.  He is a pretty bright kid.  He has been raised with values and morals.  Truth is, we had a great time.  He knew much of the music played that night.  We sang along with great songs like “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”, “We aren’t Gonna Take It”, We Built This City on Rock and Roll” and more.

I have been taking my grandson to movies, concerts, and events since he was young.  The last thing we saw together was Elton John.  I cherish the memories of doing things with my grandchildren.   I hope they can look back on the times Grandma did something with them when they are adults.  I am looking forward to doing things with my great grand kids someday, too.  After all, isn’t that what Grandma’s are for?

5 responses

  1. COOL Grandma!
    I think we’re supposed to surprise them sometimes so they know old=cool!


    1. I love being a cool grandma. I love letting them know that age does not need to limit anyone!


  2. I have no doubt he could handle the play. I just hope he wasn’t scarred by the dinner immediately before! Lol!


    1. I think the dinner before made the play look mild. LOL He had a good time with the gang. The best part was telling him later that you were a pastor. Wish you could have seen the look on his face. LOL




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