Friday Adventure

I have a crazy busy weekend but I am determined to post everyday for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.   Today started with a Friday adventure with my friend and adventure seeker, Jan.  We visited a very unique grouping of shops a couple of weeks ago but the shops were closed so we could only explore the outside.  We found some very interesting items and knew we wanted to return.

I wanted to share our adventure with you and I believe  the best way to do that is by sharing the pictures.

We love to go to Page’s Okra Grill.  The food is always good and today was no exception.

A drum provided a great pot for this plant.   This is in front of a small music store in a simple complex of shops.

A tree playing saxophone.

We were greeted by this interesting creature in the shop.  Jan saw him first and warned me.  She knows I don’t like surprises.  We kept waiting for him to jump or move, but he turned out to be just a dummy.

Then we found a whole yard filled with interesting statues.

I love fairies and this was one of my favorites today.

A very long, tall cat that caught my eye.

I couldn’t resist this little guy.  Too cute.

We were getting dangerously close to the beach (once on the beach you can never guarantee leaving) and it was time to make a run to the school to pick up Jan’s kid’s so our morning adventure came to and end.  I love these times to explore, talk, and laugh.   Tonight I am taking my grandson to see the Broadway production of “Rock of Ages.”  Check tomorrow for a post about that adventures.

What adventures do you like to take?  Do you like them planned or just take them as they come?

3 responses

  1. This looks like a fun place to shop. Where is it?


    1. It’s a group of three little shops in Mt. Pleasant, SC just across the bridge from Charleston, Sc .


      1. Cool, thanks. They sound so fun!


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