Challenge-A Love Hate Relationship

“I think I am going to do the Ultimate Blog Challenge in October.”  I knew I would get some inquisitive reactions to that statement.   I haven’t posted to my blog very much the past month.  In fact, writing has been a battle for me the past few weeks.  Things in my life are in turmoil right now.   Two recent posts deal with feeling as if life is a roller coaster.

“So do you think this is a good time to put that kind of pressure on yourself to write?”   I understand my friend’s concern.  I asked this question of myself as well.

I love writing and it helps me deal with the craziness of life.  For the first time in a very long time I have turned away from writing.  Maybe the question isn’t why am I doing a blog challenge again, but why would I not.

I recently left my job, my marriage is in crisis, and both of those bring financial and emotional insecurity.  I will be changing my living arrangements soon and I am sure other things will change as well.  Writing offers me the chance to look at these things from the inside out.  It often raises questions or offers insights.  Sharing these things with readers leaves me vulnerable.  I hope it can offer something to others who may be struggling or dealing with their own roller coasters.

My posts over the next month will deal with lessons learned during this time of challenges in my life.  I want to share the challenges with my other writing projects.  My post tomorrow will be a “tag” post  from my son called The Next Big Thing.

What do you hope to accomplish over the next month?  Do you ever feel that love-hate relationship with writing?


10 responses

  1. They say “Life is a rollercoaster – enjoy the ride”. Sounds like you are on the one that keeps you screaming and terrified. Hang in there Cathy – hope and prayers coming your way xxx


    1. Thanks for the prayers Sara. I may be screaming and every now and then terrified but…I am on the ride. Most of my life I spent on the sidelines not willing to take the risk.


  2. I’m with Sara. You are a survivor and a champion. You are one of my heroes.


  3. I have a constant love-hate relationship with writing. I love to do it. It is as necessary as breathing to me. But, some days, it feels like trying to breath with a stuffed-up nose and bronchitis.


    1. Love that description.


  4. Brave woman – taking on a challenge in the middle of a roller coaster ride! I am looking forward to it though. I’ve missed your writing!


    1. Brave…or just a bit insane. I have missed writing. Thanks for your encouragement and just a little push now and then.


  5. I’m guessing the challenge will center you. For me, writing is therapy and does help process the things happening in my life – I’m guessing it’s the same for you. Prayers for you and look forward to reading what comes out!


    1. Thanks. I feel sure it will center me.


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