Strapped In

When I ended my last blog post, I was standing in line waiting for the roller coaster ride to stop and allow all of the people who stood in line for an hour in order to be humiliated by a camera taking a picture with their faces distorted in a scream at 62 miles per hour and dropping over 140 feet, to unstrap and leave the ride. Some come out laughing, some in pure joy and others in total hysterics.  There are a couple that I will move away from quickly in fear they will lose the scrumptious hot dog lunch they recently consumed.   Some children are begging already exhausted parents to go back and do it again as others swear never to ride again.

It is time to walk across the gate, sit in a seat, and wait for the attendant to harness all in the seats and pull down the steel bar that will keep us safe through out the ride.  I have to put my faith and trust in this contraption and engineering talents of the creators of the machine.  Even though I think I will be safe, I definitely have some fear.  My heart is racing, palms sweating, and mind trying to prepare me for the inevitable movement of the ride.  I look around and see my friends strapped in beside me.  I see the employees of the park checking the equipment and preparing to take the controls.  In just a few moments, the slow gentle movement of the roller coaster will begin.

In my last post I compared events in my life at this time to the ride.  Several friends left comments of encouragement.   Don’t know whether to laugh, yell, or cry…or all three at the same time! Throw your hands up and ride the wind? I suspect that means you were ready for the change. Good luck! Close your eyes and remember to breathe. These were just a few of them.

My friend Joyce said, “They are the newest coasters. Those babies lock you in nice and safe. Great for the loops!!!! Right there with you sister!!!! :)”  That made me stop and think.  Right there with you…that is what I need to remember.  Not only do I have super strong straps and metal bars but I have people taking the ride with me. The friends and family who are riding with me all have something they bring to help me.  They have taught me about facing fear, about seeing my own strength, about love, laughter, faith, and more.  They have helped me see that even if I lose my shoes (or my lunch) it doesn’t change who I am inside.  No one can take that from me.

The next few days are going to be like the ride.  They will be filled with anticipation and fear.  There may be tears and moments of uncertainty. But, I am ready for the ride to begin.  I see all of you surrounding me.  I am securely strapped in.  I am ready to go.

3 responses

  1. That is one of the cutiest doggie photos’ I’ve ever seen. Bridgette


  2. You are NEVER alone, Cathy. Never ever.


  3. There are people who care all around you..I hope you always feel their presence..especially when you need it most.


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