Cathy’s Somewhat Excellent Adventure

I have been told that I am somewhat of an enigma.  I am terrified to fly but I love a train or a boat of any kind.  I am not the only person with that particular somewhat irrational fear.  I have shared that many things cause me to be concerned for fearful.  Spending the night in a house alone, even thought I have locks on all doors and windows and a dog, phone, wasp spray (equivalent of pepper spray) makes me unable to sleep.  Yet I can take a train filled with strangers and sleep somewhat unprotected in my seat.  I am hyper vigilant in any situation, yet I be in the middle of Penn Station in New York City and function.   I am afraid I can’t really explain the way I work, but I am grateful I am able experience some of the things I do.

The train ride was rather uneventful. It was an hour late in leaving but we made up most of the time during the night.  I met a coupe of people from Germany and had an interesting conversation.  In the cafe car, I met a few other folks and heard some life stories.  People do tend to feel free to share things with me and I love hearing their stories.  Penn Station was a disaster as usual but I made my connection and arrived in Pookeepski on time.   Seeing the New York skyline for first time since 9/11 was sobering as well as seeing the two cranes pointed to the sky.   The trip from NYC to Pookeepski was beautiful.   I saw a few people with the curtain pulled across their window and I wondered why they would want to miss the beauty of the countryside.

The last leg of the trip on the commuter train included a gentleman sitting across the aisle from me.  He pulled out a pint bottle from bag and took a very long swig.  It was either vodka or scotch.  The bottle was almost empty.  That caught my attention and I looked at him for a moment.  I saw his eyes that were dead, bloodshot, and clearly indicated he was drunk.  It is a look I know all to well from both sides of the eyes.  He started making phone calls to a woman who had obviously had enough of him in her life.  He tried to get up and take his suitcase down, falling and dropping it on the ground.  The porter for our car came and helped him back and cautioned him to stay put.  I sent out a short prayer for him and one of gratitude that I no longer live that life.

Time with Billy, one of my younger half brothers has been great.  He is fun and a bit crazy like me.  Even with a Garman (GPS) we got lost going to the fair.   Billy spotted a rather odd-looking fellow and punched me and said, “OMG that is Ric Ocasek from the Cars.”   Sure enough, it was.  We stalked him for a few moments and took a couple of stealth pictures.  Someone came up and asked to take his picture but that is such normal behavior.   I posted on facebook and asked if anyone could figure out who that was.  After I revealed it, one of my facebook friends posted this, “I KNEW IT!! Charles told me I was crazy, but there aren’t that many tall, skinny, white, black-mullet-headed, 60ish year old men out there!!”

Today, Billy had to meet a client so I have his red truck with West Va. license plates and I am driving around with the Garman.  I managed to find Sonic and get my tea.  Some things are very important.  Later we will go shopping and do touristy stuff, then to the gym for my body builder brother to show me some things to do with weights.  I will bring the information back for Jan and I so we can get totally fit.  🙂  After that we go pick up Thai food and go to the drive in movie.

So that is the beginning of my somewhat excellent adventure.    I usually have my adventures with Jan and her crew but not this time.  I really miss them all.  In her blog, she did share that Anna and the kids are off to a great start in school.   We have to do much better planning next year because they were all gone for a week the end of July and now I am gone a week.    Tomorrow we will do the Walk over the Hudson and play a bit more before I get on the commuter train to Albany where Donna will pick me up and take to her home in Vt.  I am so excited and can’t wait to see her and get to hang out for a few days.

Be on the look out for the next post where I will share more of my adventure with you.  Have any of you had any adventures recently?  Would love to hear about them.

8 responses

  1. Your granddaughter had something of an adventure last night at the LCHEA kickoff meeting. I will have to tell you about it when you get back.


  2. Don’t know if I can wait that long. Will have to call and find out!!


  3. Never a dull moment wherever you are, Cathy! So glad you found your Sonic tea.I’m not sure how you would survive without it! I hope you are as lucky in Vermont.

    Will you still be my friend if I confess that I have no idea who Ric Ocasek is?!


    1. Jan. He is a really old rocker. He was with The Cars. They were late 80’s. Honestly I would not have recognized him without Billy. And I had never heard Gone. Bang Bang. So we are even. Lol. AND I can’t think of anything that would keep me from loving you and being my friend. Unless you try to make me eat Okra. 😛


  4. How did you make the title with the picture in the lettering?


    1. Which title are you asking about?


  5. I love taking the train. Bridgette


  6. singlewhitefemaledating | Reply

    OMG… I love “The Cars”!! What an adventure 😀


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