Letter Challenge-Sibling Letter

My Thirty Day Letter Challenge is a couple of days behind.  I am committed to completing this challenge but it may take a bit more than 30 days.  Today’s challenge is a letter to a sibling.  I have many choices for this one, but I only have one sibling that shares the same mother and father.  Today’s letter is my brother, Mike.

Dear Mike,

One of my biggest regrets is that we have not been able to see each other  more often over our lifetime.  That choice was made for us by our parents.  The picture I share on my website was taken when I was four and you were two.  It was the last time we saw each other until four years later.   When our parents split and we were sent to live with different sets of grandparents, I lost all memory of you.

When I was eight years old, my grandmother told me that the man I thought was an uncle was my father.  She then dropped the news that we taking a trip to West Va. to visit my grandparents from his side and, oh by the way, to see my brother.   I had a bit of a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I had a brother.  When I first saw you, I didn’t remember you but somehow I knew you.

For the next eight years or so, my grandmother and I would drive to West Va. and spend a week or so with you.  Those trips were exciting and I loved seeing you.  They were also painful and emotionally devastating.   Every time we left, I felt a tiny bit of heart ripped away and left behind.

I married young and moved to California to be near our mother.  You joined the Navy and were stationed in San Diego.  You were able to spend time with our mother for the first time since you were two years old.   Check out the pictures below to see how we looked back then. I don’t think that Weegie board did us much good.   I do remember the crazy New Year’s Eve party with Little Richard and Meatloaf.

Life took some crazy turns for us both.  We each lived in different parts of the country and had to deal with our own demons.  We kept in touch by phone calls and letters.  We were able to see each other a few times when travel would bring us close enough. Once again life would take us in different directions.  We were not able to see each other from about 1982 until 2010.   Email and the internet allowed us other ways to connect.

We always managed to talk during football season.  One of the craziest choices you made in your life was to become a Dallas Cowboys fan.  I don’t know what genetic mutation caused that sort of brain dysfunction.   It must have come from the crazy side of the family.  Oh wait, I don’t think we have discovered a side of the family that isn’t crazy.   I can’t wait to call you every time Dallas falls apart or my Redskins, Panthers, and Ravens show their talent and skill.

I have cherished the two visits we have shared recently.  We seem to love tormenting each other.  They said I called you Bubba when we were little.   I teased you about that just a bit.   You love to pick on me and I may protest, but I secretly like it.   We have a bond that time and distance can’t break.  You are my baby brother and I love you.

Love always,

Your big Sis


13 responses

  1. This is so sweet. Families can be so complicated but the bond between siblings is special. This makes me think of my own siblings and miss them today.


  2. Cathy, What a wonderful letter. I am so happy for you that you are able to have a “normal” sibling relationship. So many people miss out on how important that is to our identity.


  3. This made me smile. Thank you so much for sharing it. And really..the COWBOYS? 😀 Geaux Saints. 😀


    1. Yes, I hated to out him that way but he does love the Cowboys!


  4. I know exactly how you feel – until Facebook, email, and other social media sites I was separated from my sister for more than 30 years. We live in opposite parts of the country and travel not much of an option in all those years…I love the openness you share with us, your followers in your letter to your brother…thank you for sharing it with us.


  5. i loved the letter to mike no matter what happened through the years the main thing is you will always be a big sister and he will always be your little brother isnt it funny how much alike we all turned out to be lol


    1. I am so sry. I didnt make him a cowboy. Honest. Lol


      1. Sandy I know you didn’t. You are the smart one in the family. You are a Panthers Girl all the way. He is just hard headed. LOL


  6. I hope to reconnect with my sister one day. It gets complicated, doesn’t it?


  7. How wonderful that your bond lasted through long separations. I think we have cellular memory that we don’t often acknowledge. Maybe that explains it.
    And I have loved getting to know you better through your posts.


    1. Would love to come visit sometime or make it to another retreat with you. Love reading your blogs too


  8. I was not always a Cowboys fan. When i moved to Texas i had a Bengals coat,hat,jersey,foam #1 finger,football and i was loyal to them. Now i am a closet Bengals fan and now i have a Cowboys coat,hat,jersey,foam #1finger,football and my wife and sad as is it cheers on the Panthers. I just can’t figure out where i went wrong. My entire family is so blinded to the Greatness that is the Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!! Americas Team!!!!!!!!!!

    Buy the way, is it not a big sisters job to look out for and take care of their little younger brother and if this is true why why why would you put a picture of me wearing that shirt and wait, I think i still have those pants.

    The visits to West Virginia were fun and we managed to get in as much trouble as a brother and sister could in a short amount of time. Rocks and car’s comes to mind. I wont go into the incident with the Bull.

    The family is what it is now and it was what it was then. You are my sister and i love ya and i am there for you always.


    1. Love you too. (in spite of the Cowboys. LOL)


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