Letter Challenge- Dear Johnny

Day Two of the Thirty Day Letter Challenge suggests a letter to “A Crush.” I have many but the number one crush as easy to pick. Tomorrow should be interesting.  The challenge is a letter to your parents.  Now which parents should I choose?  Here is today’s letter.

Dear “Johnny”

It’s not a secret.  All my friends know and now the world (at least the blogging world) will know.  It is obvious to me that we were meant to be together.   If we only had the chance to meet, it would be obvious to you as well.  There would no denying it.  The electricity in the room would be palpable.

I want you know that although I am married at this time, I made it clear that you are my first and true love.   My husband is fully aware that when the universe finally brings us together, I will be by your side.  He has given his blessing, wanting only my true happiness.   I have a feeling it won’t be quite that simple, but a small monetary gift will ease his pain.

I fell in love with you first time I saw you.   I watched as you became Wade Walker with your leather jacket and tattooed tear.   Yes, Cry Baby will always be way I remember you.    Chocolat made me love you more.   How could anyone not love you as Willy Wonka or the Mad Hatter?   I admit I was a bit concerned over your role as  Captain Jack Sparrow.  I am afraid that role gave people the wrong idea about you. And Secret Window?  What were you thinking?

I know Winona broke your heart.  I promise you will never have to change a tattoo with my name.   It will be the last true love tattoo you ever need.    You will never need remember that pain again, once we meet.  I know there have been others and your trust may be fading, but I promise to restore your belief in true love. 

Sending my deepest crush love to you,


This was a fun challenge.  Obviously I know that a fantasy crush is much different that real love.  I have sought the elusive real, true love all of my life. I used to believe in soul mates and that there was one special person made for everyone.  I am not sure I believe that any longer.   How about you?  Have you found your soul mate?  Your one true love?


8 responses

  1. Wow.


  2. I liked Secret Window.


  3. Omg Cathy I never thought to do that for the second letter, hahahaha I did.mine in a real crush …. I even sent him the link!!!


    1. Lol. Well since I am married it might not have been the wisest thing to do. Lol


      1. AAAAh YES …. I suppose that would NOT have been a good thing. Yeah I actually wrote TO my crush and I shared it with him it was …. interesting and yet VERY liberating needless to mention I almost had a heart attack! I have never been in a position like this one that I just share my feelings with no expectations other than to just share. HAHAHAHAH Next up Letter #3 Let’s do this Ms. Cathy!!


  4. That was fun! 🙂


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