I Can Fly


I have written a few poems over the years and have come to the clear realization that poetry is not my talent.  However, I want to share just a small piece of a poem I wrote over twenty years ago.  The poem is titled, “Free Child.”

I want to free my child inside

But she wants to run, she wants to hide

Behind a carefully constructed wall

That she has built so strong and tall.

You can’t see past all her fears and

She won’t let you see her tears.

She knows you’ve come to her harm

Or confuse her with your magic charms.

She needs someone to take her hand

And lead her from the tragic land

Where her soul has been forever bound,

Tied and strapped down to the ground.   

Then she will find she can fly free

And find who she was meant to be.

Twenty years later, I am still learning to fly.  You see I didn’t have anyone teach me to fly when I was young. I never had the chance to develop my wings.  Birds have to develop their wing muscles before they can fly.  They don’t do it right the first time and they sometimes fall.  The Mother bird encourages her young fledgling and helps it learn.

I was much older when I learned to fly.  I found people who  understood my lack of training and confidence.  I found some amazing flight instructors.  They helped me flap my wings building the muscles and confidence. They often had to pick me up when I fell and push me when I just wanted to curl up in the safety of my nest.

There are days I can soar through the skies with my wings spread wide.  I fly right through the puffy clouds and create designs to make children gaze in amazement.  Laughter and songs fill the skies as I escape the drama of life. Some days my wings and my spirit are so weighed down that I can barely walk, let alone fly.  I feel trapped by the circumstances of life and buried under the weight of emotions.  I think of the joy of flying free, wishing I could remember how.

Suddenly, I catch site of something fluttering around the room.  Tinker Bell shows up and stomps her little pixie foot, with arms crossed and a scowl on her face.  I know what she is thinking.  She doesn’t understand how someone who knows how to fly can possibly want to go back to being stuck on the ground.  She darts around the room daring me to have faith and trust.  She knows I might need just a little help, so she sprinkles the pixie dust around me and once again, I am flying.  Peter Pan’s song fills the sky and I am free.

**Soon you’ll zoom all around the room

All it takes is faith and trust

But the thing that’s a positive must

Is a little bit of pixie dust

The dust is a positive must

You can fly! You can fly!

You can fly! You can fly!

When there’s a smile in your heart

There’s no better time to start

It’s a very simple plan

You can do what the birdies can

At least it’s worth a try

You can fly! You can fly!

 **From “Peter Pan” Disney Classics Soundtrack
Music and Lyrics by Sammy Fain and Sammy Cahn

read to be read at yeahwrite.me

16 responses

  1. Don’t give up! Writing of any form takes both talent and practice. Experiment and try new forms, and if you love it, that’s all that matters. 🙂


    1. I agree. Poetry has always been my weakness (not good at it, don’t like it) but it’s worth experimenting to keep “spreading those wings”. I thought yours was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


      1. Thanks so much.


  2. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks so much


  3. Ahhh,,,how I can relate to this line: “She doesn’t understand how someone who knows how to fly can possibly want to go back to being stuck on the ground.” I guess once we know we can fly, we know it’s always available to us. May we spend less time on the ground in the future. 🙂


    1. That is my wish as well. Spend less time on the ground. Once you know there is something more, it is hard to be grounded. 🙂


  4. I was never a kid, even when I was a kid, but I never felt constricted by it. I always felt much more free as an adult. I love being grown up, because when I was a kid, I felt like I had all of the pressure and none of the control. Now, I’m not victim to other people’s whims in the same ways.


  5. I liked your poem; very evocative. And I’m glad you finally found your flight instructors; those people are true blessings.


    1. Yes They are Cheri. There were a few hard knocks but that is OK!


  6. Thanks for sharing your poem. It’s always a little scary to share our writing with the world. I’m glad you found the courage to do it.


  7. i’m a sucker for sparse writing, people say i write poetry, but most times i don’t see it as a “poem” but more of a story in less words 🙂 way to keep pushing and trying something you are uncomfortable with! it’s great!


  8. I feel the same as you do about poetry, but I like writing it and do it anyway. It’s not for submission, but it helps me with my fiction and editing. If it gives your pleasure let it loose. It’s your writing space and life.


  9. Hi Cathy. I enjoyed this post and can relate to a constricted childhood with little encouragement to fly. We were very much about following the rules and keeping the secrets. Also I’ve always loved the Disney Peter Pan. I remember seeing it a drive-in theater as a kid, packed into a station wagon with all my siblings and cousins. Also we owned the record so I’ve know all the songs by heart since the age of 5 or 6. I’m humming “You Can Fly” as I type this.


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