Five Things – A Gratitude List

Today is day 11 in our 31 day  Ultimate Blog Challenge and I am still one day behind in posts.  I couldn’t think of a subject for today’s blog.  I was just about give up when I remembered something that happened during lunch at my church today.  We talked about God’s goodness in our lives.  Now, I would certainly shake my head and say Amen to that, but do I really believe it?  I started thinking about that tonight.  I have been in the middle of some things in my life that don’t feel like God’s goodness is reigning down on me.  .  When things aren’t going exactly at planned in my life, I often forget about gratitude.  My therapist, Rhonda taught me to make a “happy book.”   It’s a journal about gratitude.  I remembered a blog post that Jan ( shared recently about gratitude

The blog started with, “God is GOOD – ALL THE TIME so you are invited to share with us five things that cause you to be grateful.”
I decided to steal  borrow this from Jan for today’s blog.   So here is my list of five things that cause me to be grateful.

1. Faith is hard to explain.  I remember having faith even as a young child.  Faith was part of me even when I was drinking and using.  I have always believed God was present and real.  Sometimes I questioned if God believed in me even thought I knew I believed in God.   Please understand that I have questions and always have.  There are things I do not understand and  just don’t get.   Yet in spite of questions and doubts, I have a faith that allows me make it through each day and hold on for the next.

2.  I can’t imagine a blog post on gratitude and not mention being grateful for my sobriety.  I have two birthdays-one belly button birthday and a sobriety birthday.  My life changed forever when I got clean and sober.  Sobriety brought me into a relationship with the God in whom I always had faith.  I found my way into therapy and learned how to live in this world without alcohol and drugs. I have been blessed to have two amazing therapists during my life.   Yes, sobriety is something I work on everyday, yet I believe it is truly a gift.

3.  Children are a true joy in my life.  I try to give children in my life the encouragement, unconditional love, and the pure fun I never experience.  I am very protective of the kids that come into my life.  I have two children of my own.  They are both grown and have kids of their own.  I have two step daughters and have had many other kids in my life over the years.  I pray that children will be a part of my life.

4. Music and books take to places in my heart, mind, and soul that nothing else can do.  They can make me laugh or cry.   A book opens new worlds and experiences that might never be possible in any other way.  Music reaches a place in my heart and soul that nothing else can.

5.  If you have read any of my blogs you know the value I place on friendship.  I can’t imagine how I could have survived my life without friends.   They love me, encourage me, make me laugh, let me play, teach me, and make my life complete. Friends helped me learn to trust. I didn’t have a family that taught me how to have good relationships.  Friends taught me those things.  I  believe friends are one of God’s greatest gifts.

Yes, I believe God is Good–All the time.  All I need to do is reach out and accept these amazing gifts.  Even on my worst days and in midst of unspeakable pain, I try to remember gratitude for all these things.


3 responses

  1. God is good…All the time. When I am in my valleys that is when my faith is strongest….


  2. KatherinesDaughter | Reply

    Beautiful. Gratitude is my cure all for the blues….


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