What Is the “Right” Kind of Princess Story?

My friend Jan at simplyjan blog wrote this after seeing the new movie Brave.  If  you enjoy her post, please be sure to look around and “LIKE” her blog!!  She has just recently started sharing her blog publicly and I know you will enjoy it.  I loved this post as a woman, a mother, and once upon at time princess.

read to be read at yeahwrite.me


*Spoiler alert for the newly released Brave.


Last Friday, the kids and I went to see the newly released Pixar/Disney animated film, Brave. I wrote about the effect it had on me – a grown woman – in my post here. I loved the film! I loved how it portrayed the struggles often faced between mothers and daughters. I loved the strong-willed, strong-minded, strong-bodied young princess. I loved the mischievous humor and the beautiful scenery. I even loved the less-than-perfect Scottish accents. I’m excited to see Pixar/Disney moving in the direction of strong female protagonists. It’s about time!

I was shocked when I found the following in my twitter feed Sunday morning, written by the very famous, very prolific author, Karen Kingsbury:

Saw Brave tonight. Don’t see it. Naked backsides, abundant cleavage, PC messages throughout. Sorry … know your audience, Disney.

(Note: Before I go any further, I…

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  1. Hi there! I’ve been trying to comment on this post but it’s not “sticking”… I was just saying that as the mother of a young girl myself, I look forward to taking my daughter to see this movie about a strong young woman!


  2. Ah, I wanna see Brave!


  3. I would have loved to have this movie around when my own daughter was little. I can’t help but to think that even today it might mean something to her… to us. Thanks for sharing!


  4. I am sure every little girl is a princess in her own right. We had three sons, but it has been important that their mother was seen as a princess and treated royally. I think, most days, she is.


  5. I am a little fearful for all the stuff I have read that said it was scary. My 4 year-old has been dying to see it, but I am just not sure.


  6. I think my daughter is too young and my son is even younger, but soon I will take them to movies like t his.


    1. All things in time. It will out on DVD or Blue Ray and they can see it when they are older. I love having kids and grandkids in my life so I can to movies like this. LOL


  7. we liked it too! i loved the focus on the mother and daughter.


  8. We liked it a lot. I really liked the mother/daughter message.


  9. Two of my teen daughters saw brave and while they liked it, they were disappointed in the lack of songs. They love all the Disney songs! They may be teens, but they still make sure they have all the Disney songs on their iPods!


  10. Interesting piece. I don’t know anything about the movie at all and probably won’t see it, but I’m curious about what my friends with daughters will think of it now.


  11. I’m joining the conversation a little late here. It makes me happy to see so many people comment that their daughters have seen the movie and loved it. And yes, Angie Uncovered, I think it could mean something to your daughter even if she is older. It meant a lot to me, as you can tell. For moms of younger kids – there are some intense scenes that may not be appropriate for your littlest ones. If you are unsure, I would would hold off – as Cathy suggested – and share the movie on DVD when they are older. No need to traumatize them if they are not yet ready.

    What fun to share this discussion with so many women – mothers and daughters – looking for creative ways to express our intrinsic value as women!


  12. I saw it with my mom the other day and I seriously cried through half the movie. It was good. 🙂


  13. I’ve been curious about it since I saw the trailer. I am even more curious now. I loved your reviews. I will take my 10 year old niece and see how it works for both of us.


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