A Sandusky Sermon – Especially for Preachers and Youth Workers

This is a courageous and powerful post!


Last night at about 10:00 pm, the verdict was read for Jerry Sandusky: guilty on 45 out of 48 counts of sexual abuse of children. Immediately afterward, my Facebook and Twitter feeds exploded with reactions. Some were more classily worded than others, but across the board there was a sense of great relief and joy that justice had been done.

Along with many others, I posted this to my Facebook page:


A little later as I scanned my Twitter feed one last time before going to bed, I ran across this tweet:

What we would say to Jerry Sandusky if he walked in our church on Sunday directly reflects how we feel about the Gospel.

Those words hit me with the same force as a sucker punch to the gut. I could not go to sleep until I responded. I couldn’t say all I wanted to say in 140 characters…

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  1. I’ve reblogged. Thank you , Cathy.


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