Looks Like I am Going to be a Great Writer

This is Day 9 in the Great Writers series.

Jeff Goins says that in your journey to become a great writer, there are three relationships you’ll need: *Friends   *Fans   *Patrons

He asks the question, ” What’s an example of someone you’ve connected with? How did they help you?”

I decided to write about the question rather than the challenge today.  The challenge is to make a friend, a fan, and patron.  I make new blogging friends and fans everyday.  I will contact someone and ask for their time to find a patron.   The question becomes what is the difference between and friend and a fan.    For me the difference is apparent.   A fan is someone that follows my blog, comments from time to time, and may even “friend me” on facebook.   A friend is someone I interact with either in person or online.  It is someone I can trust to tell me the truth about my writing or myself.  It is someone that encourages me to grow and be all I can.

I have been blogging for three years.  I only shared it with a handful of people until January of this year.  I have been more consistent and finding my direction with my blog.  As of today I have 213 blog followers and more that follow on Twitter.  The average hits on my posts are around 150.  Compared to the millions of blogger out there it is a small number, but I think it is pretty amazing that 150 people at least open my blog every day.  That didn’t happen by chance.  It took work and time.  And the most important element was having someone as Jeff says, “who was in the trenches with you.”

I was fortunate to find someone just at the right time.  When I met her, I had no idea she was a writer.  Once that connection was made, a friendship began.   She has encouraged me, teased me with writing challenges, given me feedback, and at times a source of inspiration. She shares my blog link in her blog often.  In the process, she has become a valued and cherished friend.  If  you get a chance check out her blog, simplyjan.

My son is also a writer.  He is a published author.  Here is the link to his amazon author page.   True, he has only published one thing so far but it is more than I have done.  I know you will be hearing more about him in the future.  He has been a great supporter.  He retweets every blog post to his list and shares my blog when he can.

I have recently encounter a like minded writer.  He has given me feedback and encouragement.  His blogs make me think. I usually have to read them at least twice.   Even though we haven’t met in person, he is becoming a friend and I value his insight and comments.  You will find his blog at Jeremy James Bonner.

Let’s move on to fans.  I have some rather unusual bloggers who follow my blog. I have someone called Lady GooGooGaGa  follow my blog.  She is really a funny writer.  Abby Gabbs is a very funny and thoughtful blog.  She has great drawing and sometimes a video blog.  Let me see-there is  Shiftless mama, Disorderly chickadee, You jivin me turkey, Trashbaggage, Nitroglycerin Milkshake, and other interesting names.  I have fans that make incredibly thoughtful comments while other attempt at humor is often lacking.  But hey, a fan is  a fan.

I am not quite as far along when it comes to patrons.  I do have several authors and publishers that “follow” my blog.  I seriously doubt they read it often, but I can imagine they do.  I dream that a publisher will read a blog post and be so impressed they email and beg me to sign with them.   I have been told I have an overactive imagination.

I love to read blog posts and I am always looking for something new.  I love humorous blogs or blogs that challenge my thinking.  I am not a huge fan of what have been dubbed “mommy blogs” although many great bloggers are moms.  I stay away from blogs that try to sell me something.  I love meeting writers in this thing we call a blogging community.  According to Jeff Goins, I have everything I need to be a “Great Writer.”

5 responses

  1. I love your blog…..does that make me a friend? Keep it up…I look forward to reading everything you write. I will also check out some of your links….


    1. First we must clarify definitions. “liking” my blog by clicking like and then clicking “follow” makes you a fan and friend. Lol. Outside of the blogging world, You are a friend because I like you! No need to click anything. Lol


  2. Had a few moments from Writing Our Way Home to check ‘you’ out. It took me a while to get ‘here’ though…link -wise. I’ve only been in the blog world for about a year and a half but I’ve been writing since I was a pre-teen. You are more than a few steps a head of me – I think in regards to publishing… but I just like to write. My julesgemstonepages blog is for my daily observances that I started with the River via WOWH Jan 1, 2011 – and haven’t stopped 🙂
    Continues success in writing, living and being a ‘Voice’ to be heard.


  3. Your writing is consistently entertaining and often thought-provoking, Cathy. Keep it up!


    1. Thank you Robin!!!


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