Scavenger Hunt–Charlotte Edition

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We left Friday morning to travel to Charlotte, NC.  We were in the Concord area near a huge shopping complex known as Concord Mills.  It is also very close to the NASCAR Charlotte Motor Speedway.   We went with my daughter, her husband, and my 15 year old grandson Austin.  Our first stop was at the huge Bass Outlet Store.  For some reason my grandson is into all of this.  He wanted to find “hook”  (fishing kind) for his camo hat. No one else in the family participates in any of this so we all are learning.   It carries everything needed for the avid hunter, fisherman, boaters, snowboarder, skier, etc.  I have never seen so much camouflage in my life. In face there was a camo Bible.   Strategically placed around the store are stuffed animals and fish.  I saw this little fellow and decided to share his SPOTS with you.


While we were at the NASCAR store Austin decided to play “quarters” with the shot glasses.   Austin tends to get distracted easily.  Just moments before he had been playing with a LED light you could place in a truck window that blinked.  After watching his turn it on and off several times, I walked away.  But I made my way back over to him and asked what he was doing.   He was linking up the shot glasses and looking through his pockets.  “Grandma, do you have a quarter?”  Now, what good grandma does not have a quarter when with a grandchild.  I gave him the quarter and he started slamming the quarter on the counter trying to get it in the glasses.  The entire family came over and started watching.  He never got one in but we all were laughing so much it didn’t seem to matter. Pretty Silly!!


The reason for our trip to Charlotte was for Austin to take part in the Ride Along program.  Once again this amazing grandma was responsible.  I purchased the experience as part of this Christmas gift.  We had to wait until the season opened to take advantage of it.  He is only 15 so not old enough for the Driving Experience.  In the Ride Along you ride in an official NASCAR car complete with helmet and gear.  You get three laps around the track at speeds over 170 miles per hour.   Since I won’t fly this could become my preferred method of travel.   It wasn’t as busy as usual yesterday morning and he actually got to do 5 laps!


Here are all of the paper receipts from the two day trip to Charlotte.  Trust me on this one.  Going on a trip with a grandchild is produces much more of this type of paper than going without them.


This picture was taken accidentally and I started to delete it.  But as I looked at it I was intrigued.  It is a picture of the asphalt on the parking lot at the racetrack.  I haven’t quite figured out what is drawing me to this picture but I have a feeling there is going to be a blog about it soon.  So here is my interpretation for  Black and White.

9 responses

  1. I love the texture and “Shwoop” of the black & white. Yes, “shwoop” is a very technical photography term!


    1. Yes, I knew Shwoop was a technical term. I totally understood. LOL


  2. Nicely done – love travel.


  3. Fun trip! But the pile of receipts is sobering.


    1. I knew it was coming. But you only get to do Grandma things for a while and then they grow up.


  4. So cool!!!!! We have been wanting to do that track experience for my son too. He is such a fan. We have Las Vegas Motor Speedway here as our home track- but I know one day he would love to go to Charlotte.


    1. It was a great experience for him. He loved it. Of course he just got his driver’s permit and would love to have been the one driving.


  5. the ‘black and white’ photo looks like some satellite imagery of the ocean–unexpectedly lovely.


    1. Amazing that an accidental picture was so beautiful to me. 🙂


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