Letter to Anne Lamott

“It’s good to do uncomfortable things. It’s weight training for life.”   ― Anne Lamott, Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith

Dear Anne Lamott,

My friend Jan keeps taunting me with silly writer things like Blogathon.  Yesterday she sent me a link to a new challenge.  It is the 15 day Great Writer’s Challenge.  Today is Day one and the challenge is to “Declare Yourself a Writer.” Since January of this year, I have done just that.  I have told everyone I know and now hundreds of people I have never met (through my blog) that I am a writer.

But, the challenge is to declare yourself a writer, “to an actual person or institution. Someone or something you’re scared of — this could be a person who might reject or judge you, a family member who may misunderstand you, or a publisher who could discredit you. But tell them and tell them now.

You are my favorite author. Bird by Bird keeps me sane some days.  I want to be just like you when I grow up.  Since I turned sixty last year, there is still some debate about when that will happen.  I created my own cover for my facebook page and front and center is quote from you.  I quote you all the time.  Oh wait, is that legal?  I’m not violating any copyright laws, am I?  Of course going to jail may provide some new material for my writing.

Naturally, I am scared of telling you that I am a writer.  I imagine an assistant opening this letter, falling out laughing and saying, “Look it is another crazy Anne Lamott fan and this one considers herself a writer.”  In that case, you will never see this letter.  However, if you should read it I imagine you with a raised eyebrow and smile saying something that contains at least two very descriptive bits of profanity.

However, I am determined to complete the first challenge so here it is.  Anne Lamott, I am a WRITER.   I am a better writer because of your books.  I have also learned a great deal about being a radical Christian, a feminist, a recovering alcoholic/addict, and a friend because of your writing.  I have learned about grief, acceptance, laughter, and not taking myself so seriously.


Cathy Morton


*I am going to link this blog to her facebook  page.



17 responses

  1. Wow, awesome, Cathy! 😀 Go you!!! I’m a huge Anne Lamott fan myself. I have a quote from her on my desk right now. 🙂


  2. I read Anne’s FB posts all the time – she will LOVE this…good for you!


    1. Thanks..I hope so.


  3. You better let us know if you get a response!


    1. For sure…lol


  4. I absolutely love this! I hope she sees it. And I’d love to hear which words she chooses! Lol!


    1. It is posted on her facebook page..LOL but I dont’ know if she actually reads or comments on any of that. But I did it LOL


      1. I LOVE Anne Lamott and I LOVE your letter!! Awesome 🙂


  5. […] a Writer” to someone or something that would be difficult for you.  I wrote about that in a blog post.  Yesterday we were to get up two hours early and write.  At least this one wasn’t quite as […]


  6. Absolutely love this post! I find it so inspiring, and although, embarrassingly, I’ve never heard of Anne Lamott it’s payday tomorrow and after reading this I am interested to read one of her books! Will be the first thing I buy tomorrow morn! 🙂 x


  7. Cathy, this is awesome!! i also love Anne Lamott and BIRD BY BIRD is one of my all time favorite books on writing. It kept me sane many a days too… i know this will bring a smile to her face. xoxo


    1. Thanks Pauline


  8. Hey Cathy, I just tweeted this to Anne Lamott. I hope she responds. You are a writer!


    1. Thank you. I posted it in her Facebook but dont know if she actually sees that. Lol


  9. Annie Lamott would LOoooooVE this letter to her. I hope she reads it ❤ Xx


    1. Thanks. Maybe now that her cruise is over she will. 🙂


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