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I want to change gears today.  We are going to celebrate my grandson Austin’s birthday today.  He will turn 15 in another week.  I lived with my daughter while she was pregnant and was in the room when he came bursting into the world.  I lived with them until he several months old and then we all lived together again from the time he was about six to eight.  He has always had what he considered his own room at my house and has always felt as comfortable here as he does at home.

His mom and dad were divorced when he was young.  They have worked hard to keep up a friendship and have been consistent with raising him.   When at his dad’s house, he is surrounded by women.  He has an older sister, a younger sister, and two aunts who are about the same age as his sister.  He was happy when they started dating and there were other boys hanging around.

He is in high school now, plays football, plays piano and guitar, and has been “driving” things since he was very young.  His dad lives in the county with a lot land to explore.  He got a dirt bike with training wheels when he was six.  Yes, I said training wheels.  He just got his first truck and will get his permit in a couple of weeks.  He can name every car and manufacturer on the road.

He is growing up so fast.  He has had his challenges for sure.  He had problems with ears and has had to several surgeries for tubes and to repair ruptures in his eardrums.  Because of these issues he was in speech therapy for a while.  He also has ADHD and that presents its own unique set of challenges.  He is very small.  His dad is about 5’4 as is his mother.  He and his sister Destinee are both in the lower percentile of height and weight.  But that has never stopped him.

He is a very caring, tenderhearted young man. He is funny–not always as funny as the thinks he is, however.  He drives his mother crazy on a daily basis.  We talk on the phone, text, and hang out when we can.  He is truly my heart.   So I want to share some of Austin Jay with you in pictures today.  I hope you enjoy!

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  1. I am glad Austin didn’t let anything stand in his way. We can’t always pick our lot in life but it sounds like he has made the best of it. Happy birthday to a beautiful young man.


    1. Thank you. Everyone had worked hard to encourage him. Next year..sweet 16. Oh my!


  2. “He is truly my heart.” Isn’t that what happens when children come into our lives! I love that statement, it speaks volumes to how we as mothers, grandmothers, nurturing women in a child’s live see our children; as a deep profound part of us.


  3. I can’t wait to meet him one day. He looks like Personality Plus! Coincidentally, he may be 15 years older than that first picture, but you look 15 years younger! 🙂 Where are you stashing that fountain of youth?


    1. 15 years ago I had just left a very bad situation. I was still smoking (a lot) and had not been eating or sleeping well in months. I imagine being healthy, happy, and at peace that will take some years off you. And having the amazing Ginger take away mullet and handle the bad hair color thing I had going didn’t hurt. 🙂


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