My Enemy

“Look over there.  That is your enemy.” The instructor pointed straight ahead.   I looked at her for a moment.

“I never did like her very much.” I smiled and tried to look away but I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

I wondered why she had become my antagonist.   I am such a people pleaser, I was sure I never did anything hateful to her.  Was she jealous of me?  Maybe she just doesn’t like southern women, but I am pretty sure she is a southern girl herself. Did I say something to hurt her feelings?  I do have an odd sense of humor at times.   Perhaps, I should just ask her.

She certainly didn’t look as powerful and menacing as I remember her to be.  She doesn’t seem particularly mean or hateful.  She looks like someone who might be fun to hang out with for a while.   She looks so familiar.  Why does she keep staring at me?

The instructor’s voice brought my attention back to the lesson.  I looked at the mirrored wall and began the exercise.  I wonder if my instructor knew how right he was when he pointed to my reflection as he spoke.  I have indeed been my own worst enemy in this life.

After class, I sat on the floor for a moment before leaving.  I looked at her again.  I realized things have changed for us.  We are learning to forgive each other.  We are learning to share our story, our pain, our fears, as well as our triumphs and joys.

I got up from the floor and began to walk away.  I turned and looked back at her one more time.  I smiled and apologized for saying I didn’t like her very much.  She smiled back and I think I heard her say, “It’s Ok.  I understand.  I like you, too.”

2 responses

  1. interesting lesson. I’m a people pleaser too and I also have trouble with facing myself. 🙂


  2. […] am telling myself the things I was told and  believed for so many years.   In a blog I wrote recently I admitted that I was my own worst enemy.  I am allowing people and a situation […]


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