Two C Day — Tuesday if You Say It Fast


Tuesday afternoons sometime around 4:00pm, my phone will ring.

“Happy Two C Day.”

“Happy Two C Day to you!  What’s going on in world today?”

If we call each other any day but Tuesday, we being with, “It’s not Two C Day.”

Those conversations are with my sister/friend Carol.  I have mentioned her in blogs before and written about her mother, Mama Pearl.   After Mama Pearl died, we decided to make a pact to call each other every Tuesday regardless of what was going on in our lives.  We chose Tuesday at random.  It just seemed like a good day.  During one call, I had a brilliant thought.  Both our names begin with C.  Tuesday would become Two C Day.  Isn’t that cool?  Pretty dang creative, don’t you think?   Well, we thought it was and that’s all that really matters.

There was never a day that went by without us talking in person, the phone, or both when we were growing up.   When I was married and moved to California, we lost that day to day to contact.  We still talked and wrote letters.  For those of the younger generation, we used to write words on paper and then place the paper in an envelope with a stamp.   We called it a letter.  Three days or so later, someone would get the envelope with the paper and read it.   Now we call that Snail Mail.

Our lives took different paths and hit lots of bumps and detours.  Nothing could break our bond.  Over the years, there have been times we talked daily and other times not as much.  When I moved back home to South Carolina in 1997 we really made an effort to do more together.  Carol’s husband passed away in February 2009 and Mama Pearl died in March 2009.    We made a commitment to our friendship.  We made a commitment to time together.

We call each other every year on our mothers’ birthdays or the anniversary of their deaths. No one else really remembers those days.  We share memories, both good and bad.  We call on birthdays and other anniversaries.  We talk on silly days like Talk Like a Pirate Day or National Donut Day.  We must be getting old because we reminisce about the good old days and talk about ailments.

We both have children and grandchildren.   We had great plans as kids.  We were each going to have a girl at the same time.  We hoped they would follow our lead and have our grandchildren at the same time, too.  Interestingly enough, we both have daughters who were born less than a month apart and grandsons very close in age.   They didn’t become best friends as we had planned in our childhood dreams, but the whole thing still makes us smile.

Sunday is Mother’s Day.  The phone will ring sometime today.  She has a special ringtone so I will know it is Carol.

“Happy Mother’s Day.  I wanted to call you today because I know you will be busy tomorrow with the kids.”

I know she will be fighting tears.  She doesn’t like to cry.  We will talk about our plans for Mother’s Day. We always talk about my crazy grandmother.  The conversation will be about everything except how much she misses her mother.

“Have a Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow.   Give everyone my love and a big hug.”  This is the signal Carol is ready to get off the phone.

“I will.  You have a Happy Mother’s Day, too.  You know I will still call you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I know.  Happy “Not Two C Day”.  Love you much.”

Is there someone in your life you want to reach out to more often?    Would you like to spend more time with someone?  Please link back or share in the comments.

3 responses

  1. If you say “Two C Day” out loud it almost sounds like you are trying to say, “Tuesday” with a tooth missing.
    My sister and I celebrate relationship day. It is a made up holiday at the end of April. We fought so badly when we kids that we decided to pick one day a year we would be nice to each other. We came up with this idea ourselves. Although it started as a chore, it stuck and to this day it is an excuse to check in with each other and say, “Happy Relationship’s Day!”


    1. I like that. I will have to remember that. I like made up holidays. Now if my job would only acknowledge them.


  2. Friendships like this are few and far between. It makes me smile to read about this one!


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