Five NOT So Inspiring Movies

Five Favorite Not So Inspiring Movies

I think it is time for a fun blog.  No thinking will be required for this blog.  Just read and laugh or you may decide that my favorite not so inspiring movies show my amazing level of genius.  You know they say that genius is close to insanity. I may be going out on a limb by sharing the fact that not only have I watched these movies, but also I actually enjoyed them.  Please don’t judge me.  J

Super Star— This is one of all-time favorites.  Mary Katherine wants to be a Super Star.  She attends a Catholic high and school and lives with her Grandmother.  She is sent to special ed and finds new friends there.  She eventually gets a part in her school talent show.  She learns the truth about her parent’s death.  They were stomped to death while performing in a Riverdance-like competition, rather than being eaten by Hammerhead sharks as her grandmother had told her. If you ever see me throw my hands in the air and yell “Superstar”, just attribute it my weird movie choices.

Sugar and Spice—I am at a loss in thinking about how to describe this movie.  We start with a high school cheer leading squad.  The captain of the squad falls in love with the new football quarterback.  She discovers she is pregnant and marries her true love.  The cheer leading squad turns to a life of crime to help her financially.  They all wear blonde Barbie-type masks and use cheer leading movie in the process.  There are great one liners and “groaner type” humor.

Best in Show and A Might Wind—These two movies were “mockumentaries”  One tackles the annual National Dog Show while the second spoofs the folk music craze from the 1960’s.   They are satires at their best.


HairSpray— This John Water’s film takes place in Baltimore during the 60’s.  As in most John Water’s films,  drag queen Divine starred in the original film along with a young Ricky Lake.  This movie was remade starring John Travola in Divine’s role a couple of years ago. All of John Water’s film make a social statement.  You have to watch for them.This is a musical so if you watch with me be prepared to sing along.

Too Wong Foo, With Love Julie Newmar—This film is a bit more controversial.  Patrick Swayze, John Leguizama and Wesley Snipes all play drag queens who buy a car and travel across county to take part in the Drag Queen USA pageant.  They encounter a broken down car and a homophobic deputy along with way.  There are some great one-liners in this movie.   You will learn about a “Say Something Hat Day” and “A Day with the Girls.”   Word of warning-You may not want to watch this movie with me.  I know most of the lines and will say them along with the actors.

2 responses

  1. Oh my. I haven’t seen a single one of these! Lol! Should I?


  2. You absolutely should. LOL But these are not really kid approved movies. On the other hand, they are totally mindless and fun.


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