Weight Loss Insanity

I found the miracle cure for weight loss.  And I found it while reading a blog, of course.  It is the Tapeworm Diet.  No, I am not kidding.  There is a Tapeworm Diet; and yes, it involves a real Tapeworm.  Here is the information I found on Healthy Weight Forum.org  about this “diet”:

“So what does a tapeworm in your gut actually do? It secretes proteins in our intestinal tract that make our digestion of food much less efficient. A less efficient digestive systems means that you can consume more calories through your food since your “body guest” is also noshing on them for his own growth purposes. Some scientists estimate that those infected with a single tapeworm can lose up to one or two pounds each week.”

Extreme?  Maybe, but is it anymore extreme than allowing a surgeon to place a big rubber band around your stomach or cut out part of your intestines?   What about giving up sugar and carbs totally? I would call that insane.  We could say it is easier than running triathlons, jogging miles every day, or spending your life and fortune in a gym.   Unfortunately possessing tapeworms is illegal in the United States and unavailable as a legitimate treatment for weight loss.

Look at those people on the Biggest Loser reality TV show. I have always wanted to live at the ranch and train with Jillian. They leave their lives, families, and jobs to go to the campus and live with strangers, show their layers of fat (emphasized by tight spandex) to the entire TV viewing world, and have two obsessed trainers beat them to death every day.

I wonder if any of you reading this understand how desperately many of us want to lose weight and change our lives.  We have bad knees, bad backs, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other health issues caused by weight.  We look at the clothes in the store and then have to go to the “other” stores that sell fat clothes.  Oh, wait, sorry, I meant Plus Size.  I dream of the day I can fit into a size 16, while other friends are mortified it they hit a size 14.

Many of us have tried the most popular solutions that have passed our way-Atkins, Sugar Busters, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, diet pills, Jazzercise, Aerobics, and more.  I looked online for “fat camps or fat rehabs.”  They do exist, but not in my price range.  One week at a well known “weight loss spa resort” in Hilton Head costs $3400 for a 10 day stay.  They recommend 21 days at a special rate of $6900.  The truth is that I would gladly pay that and more if it would work.

You may be scratching your head and thinking what about good old fashion calorie counting and exercise.  Sure it works.  Absolutely.  The problem is maintaining that for a lifetime.  I have written about my eating disorder or food addiction–the “cravings’, the obsession”, the inability to stop once you start.  I can’t eat ONE doughnut.  I can’t even imagine why someone would eat just one.  I often wonder why they make little bags for one or two doughnuts at Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme?

I continue to make progress and lose weight.  It is a slow and tedious process.  There are many times of frustration and disappointment.  There are also victories and lessons learned along the way.  This is a life journey. It is much more than changing just the way you eat. I think I will keep working towards my goal and wait just a bit longer before I find that tapeworm.

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  1. Awesome post about losing weight. I agree with you that many people get frustrated because they don’t get an immediate result, but they don’t even understand that losing weight is not an immediate process. In the mean time, if you some time to spare then check out my blog its related to health and fitness. I hope you’ll find some related and useful information there.


    1. Thanks. I follow your blog and have found it very interesting. You do share some great information there.


  2. OMG! Tapeworm. The thought alone makes it hard to swallow.
    Keep plugging away, Cathy!


    1. Hard to swallow. LOL Literally.


  3. I have to admit the tapeworm plan makes me feel queasy! Wait – maybe that’s the REAL plan: make people queasy thinking about tapeworms and then they won’t eat!

    What’s the countdown to the next Biggest Loser season? Withdrawals already, although I do hope the next set of contestants are a bit easier to like.


    1. They are through with casting from the internet gossip but no word on details. I want JILLIAN back!!!


  4. Last October I wrote about tapeworms being used for medical treatment in people with MS, Crohn’s disease and Type I diabetes. http://animalshelpheal.blogspot.com/2011/10/youve-got-worms.html Who knew that these guys could be so useful?!


    1. Can people actually get them? The information I read said they were illegal in the US. Or is there some medical exception for them? There are so many natural remedies out there. Love learning about them.


  5. Adriana Ryan | Reply

    Ah, yes. Tapeworm! I’ve heard about that. Wasn’t it really popular in the twenties? Big hugs going out to you about your eating disorder, Cathy. You know, when people hear about someone having anorexia or bulimia, they think of them with sympathy, but with BED, mostly people don’t even see it as a disorder. Good for you for making progress! I am horrible about comfort eating, too, so I toe the tip of the BED iceberg, and can only imagine its depths.


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  8. “I dream of the day I can fit into a size 16, while other friends are mortified it they hit a size 14.”

    I think about this every time I hear someone who I consider to be thin say she needs to lose weight. I have struggled with weight most of my life and am now the biggest I’ve ever been. There are so many psychological aspects at play that a lot of people don’t understand.

    Last summer, I started what I called a not-a-diet. It was supposed to be me making a lifestyle change to loose weight and get healthier. I blogged weekly about my progress . . . and then I hit a bunch of pit falls. I’m working on getting back on track now and plan to pick up with blogging about my progress. It helps when I hold myself accountable.

    Here’s to neither of us needing to resort to tapeworms! (Though I’m a tad ashamed to admit how intriguing the idea sounds 😛 )


    1. We won’t tell anyone you found the idea intriguing. LOL


      1. Let’s not tell anyone I wrote “loose” instead of “lose” too, okay? 😛


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  11. […] I thought I would take the challenge and answer them here.  I would love to invite some of you to join me if you will.   It seemed like a great follow-up to yesterday’s post, Weight Loss Insanity. […]


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