Bet You Didn’t Know This About Me

My friend Jan posted an interesting challenge in her blog today. I am supposed to share with you seven things about myself.   This is going to interesting.

1.  My name is Catherine Ann and my birth certificate says I was born in Charleston, South Carolina.  WRONG!  My name at birth was Carol Lynn and they called me Lynn.  I was born in the Philadelphia Naval Hospital.  Yes, the one in Pa.  Please do not label me a Yankee because I was returned to the South at the ripe age of six weeks.  I see you scratching your head trying to figure this out.  Let me help you.  I was adopted at the age of four or five by my Mother’s parents.  Seems Grandma hated the name Carol Lynn and decided to rename me after some crazy old auntie with money.  Don’t know if this still happens but back in the 1950’s,  the place of your adoption became your actual place of birth on the new birth certificate.  All the old records were then sealed.  Just to add to the confusion, my younger brother Mike was born in the old Naval Hospital here in Charleston.  My paternal grandparents adopted him.  His birth certificate says Beckley, W Va.

2.  Since I was seven and Carol was five, we have been friends-more like sisters, really.  I don’t remember how I got a black rabbit for a pet, but I do remember the rabbit.  Carol and I made a pen in my back yard for the rabbit.  It really didn’t do much except eat and hop around.  Some new kids had moved into the neighborhood and had a rooster.  We decided to make a deal with the new kids and trade the rabbit for the rooster.  I have no idea why we wanted a rooster. It was a very bad decision.  That rooster was the meanest animal I ever met.  He would wait in the yard for us to come to the house and chase us.  If he caught you, he would jump on you and peck at you.  We had to come up with creative ways to get me back home.  My Grandmother finally got someone to catch the rooster and take it away.

3.  Carol and I went to see Gary Puckett and Union Gap.  Google them if you are under 40.  We both had a crush on the keyboard player.  His nickname was ‘Mutha’.  He loved those really over-sized suckers.  We stopped and bought one before the show.  After the performance, we hung around as long as we could.  We walked up to the stage and slid the sucker across the stage under the curtain.  As we were walking away, Mutha came out and thanked us.  He signed our programs for us.  I still have mine.  

4.  My first car was dark blue Dodge Dart.  My grandfather bought it in one of drunken spending sprees.  I hated that car.  I wanted a VW.  Carol and I went to the store and bought those things you put in the bottom of your tub to keep you from falling.  They were light blue flowers in various sizes.  We put them on my car.  Bad Idea.

5.  I won third place in the South Carolina French Exam in high school.  I as a mediocre student at best but I took the test because the teacher was giving extra credit.  I bet she is still trying to figure that one out.

6.  Only one person knows my true hair color.  I don’t even know what it is. :)

7. I am going to use Jan’s lead for number seven.  I wanted to be Judy Garland when I grew up.  She fascinated me.  Of course, I watched Wizard of Oz but I was fascinated by the grown up Judy.  I love to watch her on TV and I loved to hear her sing.  I would dream about meeting her.  I was in high school when she died.  I still watch her old movies and dream.

I’m not sure why these are the things that came to mind as I started this blog.  I decided to just start with number one and see where it took me.  It was an interesting journey.  I want to offer the same challenge to my blogger friends.    I would love to hear from Adrianna Ryan (I love your pen name) and my son Ted and my friend Sonia

Thank you, Jan!

7 responses

  1. Fun stuff here! I love that you gave an oversized sucker to Muthah – and got rewarded for it!:) As for the car ~giggle~ I’d love to see the flower decals!

    I’m wondering how you feel about the name change? Is any part of you still Carol Lynn, or do you like your “new” name better? And by the way, my middle name is Lynn, too!


  2. I think the name change is another blog or lunch talk. LOL I am still very much Carol Lynn.
    We took the decals off the car because we were caught a couple of times not being where we said we going to be. That car was very hard to miss. LOL

    I don’t know if I believe in coincidences but Carol and I were both born in the same hospital and my name was Carol at birth. At the very young age we met, it was as if we had connection I can’t explain.
    I continue to be surprised by the interesting connections in our lives.:)


  3. Much love! I will totally take on the challenge!!


  4. I think I actually knew ALL of those “secrets” in your blog… guess that means you have to be nice to me cause I know too much!!


    1. Those are just interesting stories. Those aren’t the secrets. LOL You do have know enough of those. And one of your best friends knows even more. And since she was my therapist, she can’t tell. And as I recently told a friend–I know your secrets too-so I am safe.


  5. I love the picture of you and the rabbit. Your grandmother let you listen to a group that had a band member named Mutha? I remember you told me she thought the Beatles were communists and going to hell. You really need to write that book.


  6. […] Mom at Cathy’s Voice tagged me in a meme to write a blog sharing seven things about yourself. Not one to shy away from a challenge, I will step up to the […]


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