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How many times have I heard, “you ought to write a book.”?

I haven’t actually kept count but it was enough to encourage me to take the challenge.  I have written a lot over the past couple of years.  Problem is I keep changing my mind about the project.

I have written it using real names and places.  I changed my plan and created “character” names.  For example I call my best friend from childhood Red.  OK, so that isn’t overly creative since she has red hair.  You get the idea.   Yet another plan was to write the story as fiction.

I created a title I loved and then I changed it.  And changed it again; and again.  I did an outline, and then decided to drop the idea of an outline and just go with chapters.   Later I decided to just freelance and write where the keyboard took me.   I don’t write with pen and paper because I can’t read my handwriting.

In January I decided to return to my original plan and title.  I am rewriting an outline and have decided to let it be a bit flexible.  I am going to look back at everything I have written and see what to keep and what to dump.   I am making a commitment to myself to finish a first draft this year.  I am going to ask a few people to help hold me accountable.

I am going to do Camp NaNo in June but I will not be working on the novel I started.  I will be working on adding 50,000 words to this book.  No one reads what you write with any NaNo event so even though this will not be fiction; I am going to tackle it.

I would love to share bits and pieces as I go and ask for your thoughts.   I am prepared for and asking you to be brutally honest.   And I promise not to scream, cry, or write you out of the dedication page if you tell me to rewrite the entire section.

My book’s title is Mothers, Monsters, Madness, and Miracles.   The story will of course contain details of my life but it is so much more than that.    It is the story of God working in my life in spite of people and circumstances.   Amy Grant‘s song Ask Me says it best.  It has these lyrics:

Ask her how she knows there’s a God up in the Heaven
Where did He go in the middle of her shame?
Ask her how she knows there’s a God up in the Heaven
She said His mercy is bringing her life again
She’s coming to life again
He’s in the middle of her pain, in the middle of her shame

Yes, there will be monsters and madness in the story.  But it ends with miracles.  What about the mothers?  I had many mothers in my life.  Some not so great and some who taught me everything I needed to know about life, love, friendship, hope, and yes, even faith.   The ironic and complicated way some of these women came into my life could only have been orchestrated by God.

Mother has so many meaning.   I did have a biological mother and an adopted mother (my grandmother).   I had a step-mother as well.   I had women come into my life who were protective, nurturing, and loving.   They taught me about love. They taught me to question, to believe, to wonder, to hope, and most importantly they helped me find the courage to tell my story.

4 responses

  1. I still find the story of how you wound up in Jan’s office the most compelling argument for divine intervention. I was just thinking about your upcoming anniversary. 25 years clean and sober is quite a victory. I think that story is a second book for you.


  2. I’d love to read your memoir, Cathy. And any drafts from start to finish! 🙂 I was actually thinking about emailing you the other day to ask if you planned on writing one.


  3. LOve this. Good luck and i will be reading it.


    1. You will have to find the parts with you in it. LOL


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